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Scalewatcher is a compact, computerized electronic water conditioner, which will descale your existing system, prevent new scale from forming and save you money from the moment it is installed.

Water treatments

Control lime scale with Scalewatcher.

Scalewatcher is a maintenance free water treatment system that will prevent the formation of new lime-scale, remove existing lime-scale, reduce maintenance, all while saving you time and money! Like traditional water softener systems and water conditioners, Scalewatcher makes hard water feel softer and unlike a water softener, Scalewatcher requires no salt, no chemicals, no filters and no maintenance. Did you know 6 counties now in the USA have made salt based water softeners illegal with fines of $10,000.00? This is because of the environmental damage being caused by salt based water softeners to our creeks, rivers and wildlife. Scalewatcher is environmentally friendly and considered one of the pioneers in "Going Green" products.

Scalewatcher requires no floor space and immensely reduce the expenses associated in operating your current water treatment system. Just about all hard water problems eliminated for less then $10.00 a year in electricity! The low cost investment quickly reduces energy, maintenance, and repair/replacement costs and will pay for itself many times over during its expected life-span of 20-30 years. The US Department of Energy reports the average homeowner will save a minimum of 48% of their hot water heating cost for every 3/8” of lime-scale build-up removed.

Scalewatcher is a healthier choice as it does not add salt to your drinking or bathing water. It is the perfect alternative for people trying to lower their sodium intake with a low salt diet. Water softeners not only add unwanted sodium to the water supply but remove the healthy nutrients. Our products are also recommended for tankless water heaters, to keep them lime-scale free, preventing safety shut downs because of restricted water flow caused by lime-scale build-up. Did you know lime-scale build-up in your water lines and water heater are the breeding ground for bacteria?

Scalewatcher does not remove anything from the water. We simply use the laws of physics to keep the elements from bonding together, which creates lime-scale. What normally requires expensive, toxic cleaners to remove now will simply wipe away. Installation is so simple, no cutting pipes. For your whole house, condo, apartment, mobile home, RV, trailer or even one for your swimming pool! We even have units available for commercial and industrial applications. Many water treatment systems and knock off artist attempt to copy our patented design, but none compare in cost, warranties and effectiveness with the time-tested track record of Scalewatcher.

Scalewatcher is your best choice for lime scale removal, lime scale problems. Let our experienced technicians help you select the correct unit for your needs, because customer satisfaction starts at selecting the correct unit(s) for your specific needs.”

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