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A healthier 'no-suds' way to do laundry

Without hot water and with little or no detergent, LaundryPure puts the technology of nature to work in the laundry room at home. Based on processes used for over a decade in hospitals, hotels, and Laundromats, cold water is infused with oxygen, peroxides, and other gases to bubble and lift dirt and grime from cloth fibers, leaving towels softer and fluffier, and clothes brighter and cleaner.

Plus, every load helps save energy and money. Reducing or eliminating detergent means less residue and abrasives to weigh down and wear out fabrics, and of course, less detergent to buy. Washing in cold water only reduces the weekly demand on the household water heater.

Finally, LaundryPure incorporates the power of ActivePure with the odor and contaminant reducing action of silver ions to help an amazingly effective cold water laundry system for residential use.

Benefits of LaundryPure

•Reduces the need for detergents and fabric softener

•Reduces odors and contaminants without bleach or hot water

•Helps eliminate allergic reactions due to detergent residue

•Keeps colors brighter, longer

•Gets towels softer and fluffier and helps cloths last longer

•Helps you save money and the environment by removing the need for hot water

There's no need to get a new washing machine. LaundryPure installs on many brands and models, upgrading their effectiveness with ActivePure Technology, Certified Space Technology™.

Uses oxygen and peroxides to lift dirt and odors away from your wash. Reduces/eliminates the need for harsh laundry detergents and cleaners.* Helps eliminate allergic reactions due to detergent residue. Reduces odors and contaminants without bleach or hot water with the power of Silver. Clothes and linens become softer, fluffier, and last longer. Colors stay brighter. *Note: LaundryPure reduces or eliminates the need for laundry detergent. While many users find that LaundryPure alone effectively cleans their laundry, you may find it necessary to pre-treat or use a reduced amount of detergent to remove all stains. If you find that detergent is necessary, we recommend using 1/8th the amount you previously used before your LaundryPure purchase.

Max 03 <0.02 ppm

Technology ActivePure (RCI)

Silver Nano-Technology

Requires 10 psi min / 75 psi max water pressure

40° F - 100° F operating temperature range

Power Usage 120/240 Volts, 40 watts

Lint Screens & Filters Optional prefilter kit

Applications Residential laundry

Coverage N/A

Size 28.5' wide x 9.5' high x 4.0' deep

Weight 13 lbs

Warranty 1-year limited warranty


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