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With Energy usage on the rise, and the number of electronics in the home increasing rapidly, now is the time to start conserving energy and protecting these investments with a clean power system. SteadyPower provides a cost-effective, single-installation way to protect the entire home from electrical surges and spikes while conditioning incoming electricity to optimize power factor and reduce static-causing line noise.

Typical residential and light commercial power sources allow hundreds of spikes and surges each day to reach valuable electronic equipment in the home. While these voltage spikes come from many sources (power fluctuations, lightning, static electricity, etc), all can cause damage to televisions, stereos, computers, security systems, and other costly electronics. SteadyPower helps to moderate these surges and spikes with a kind of electrical 'relief valve' system, diverting them to the neutral/ground line. In the event a surge such as a lightning strike to outside power lines should attempt to pass through, SteadyPower is designed to cut off the flow of electricity and block the surge, keeping damage to appliances and electronics to a minimum.

In addition to protection from surges and spikes, SteadyPower works to improve power factor, up to .97 or .98, helping motorized home appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, washers and dryers, furnace blowers, etc. to operate more efficiently when not operating at full capacity.

Finally, there's electrical line 'noise' produced by operating electronic devices that can cause static on home radio receivers, 'hum' in fluorescent lamps, and 'snow' on the television. All this noise in a home's electrical system can damage switching power supplies, causing premature failure. By reducing line noise and trash current in the home, SteadyPower helps to prolong the life of appliances and electronics that use switching power supplies.

Benefits of SteadyPower

•Conditions incoming residential power to improve efficiency

•Reduces the electrical line noise that causes static on televisions and radios and damages other consumer electronics

•Protects against electrical surges and spikes

•Installs* easily with immediate benefits

•Maintenance free

•An environmentally friendly product that helps protect the earth

*SteadyPower must be installed by a licensed qualified electrical contractor only.

SteadyPower installs in any residential breaker box for immediate benefits and protection for the entire home electrical system.

•Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) surge and spike protection •Residential power factor correction up to .97 or .98 •Electrical line noise reduction •Circuit breaker installation* (do not connect to a fuse-type electrical box) •No maintenance required after installation •Limited 10 year, $25,000 warranty (terms and conditions apply) *SteadyPower must be installed by a licensed qualified electrical contractor only.

Power Line Voltage 120 / 240 VAC

Phase Configuration Single

Frequency 50 - 60 Hz

Power Dissipation 1050 Joules (2ms current wave)

Peak Pulse Current 40,000 Amps (8/20 microsecond current wave)

Max. Clamping (V) 140/280 (@200Am 8/20 microsecond current wave)

Total Capacitance 30 uF

Operating Temp. -40 to +70 degrees C

Line Wires 12 AWG

Circuit Breaker Required 20 Amp

Dimensions 4.86' W x 9.75' H x 2.88' D

Weight 6 lbs


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